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Submitted on
September 1, 2009
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1.Physical Description / Basics – Human:

Facial details / structure:
Hair color / length / style:
Typical / current clothing:
Accessories / makeup:
Unusual features: (freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks ect.)
Voice and speech:
Minutia: optional (anything you want to include to give a clearer picture of what your character looks like, i.e. physical mannerisms like paces when thinking, tendency to talk with their hands ect – or physical details not covered in the other sections.):

1.Physical Description / Basics ? Non-Human:

- Body material:
1.Organic living tissue. Additional info: warm or cold blooded? Color of blood?
2.Organic nonliving tissue. Additional info: source of animating power?
3.Inorganic material. Additional info: power source?  -
Structure: (general body organization, i.e. biped, quadruped, serpentine, amorphous ect. - if your character is an android tank or a living rainbow, tell us what shape they are here.)  -
Skull / head shape (if applicable): (humanoid, canine, feline, saurian ect.)  -
Number and function of appendages: (i.e. one tail, two legs, four arms, three tentacle ect.)  -
Internal organization: (differences in internal organs compared to a normal human, if applicable. EX:
two hearts, decentralized nervous system ect.)
Noteworthy biological features: (claws, spines, fins, wings, sharp teeth ect.)
Facial details / structure:
Hair color / length / style:
Typical / current clothing:
Accessories / makeup:
Unusual features: (freckles, scars, tattoos, birthmarks ect.)
Voice and speech:
Nutrition (if unusual):

2.Special Abilities:

Name: (if applicable)
Source of ability: i.e. innate, learned, or gained from and outside source.
Description of ability:
Limitations of ability:
Relative power level of ability: compared to a normal human attempting a comparable task, how much of an advantage would your character have if they used this power?
Example: your character has telekinesis as a spell that they learned at wizard school (Source: learned, but the power behind the spell is either innate or from an outside source, depending on the magic system in your setting). You would describe how you activate the ability (gestures, words, mental effort, ritual) and then the visual and physical effects of it. A comparable task a normal person and the telekinesis spell could both accomplish would be lifting an object. If your telekinesis can lift 200lbs (limitation: lift/move up to 200lbs only, requires free hands for gestures and the ability to speak for trigger words, must be consciously directed) and an average human male can lift 135 lbs, then your ability is 1.5 times of an advantage.


Weapons / Containers: (include where sheathed/kept)
Weapon Accessories: (ammo, sheaths)
Clothing / Armor:
Additional equipment:


Average level of combat preparedness: (poor, below average, average, above average, high)
Typical combat tactics:
Specific situational combat maneuvers:

5.Setting / Background:

Original universe / setting / genre:
(i.e. the planet Bananapeelion in a far-future scifi setting or Konoha village 20 years before the events of Naruto)
Born in:
Previously lived in:
Currently lives:
Family: (please include the following)
Immediate family names, and who lives with who if family is broken.
Existence (or not) of extended family, names and strength of relationship if important.
Strength of relationships with family members.  
Material wealth and social status of family:
Material wealth (personal):
Social status:
Close friends:
- Childhood:
- Adolescence:
- Adulthood:

6. Personality Traits:

Rate the following attributes on a 1-5 scale (1 being not at all or very weak, 5 being absolutely or very strong):
- Analytical thinking and logic:
- Memorization and puzzle solving:
- Initiative and learning ability:
- Intuition and discernment:
- Common sense and reason:
- Composure and prudence:
- Willpower and resolve:
- Force of personality and ego:
- Likability and charm:
- Persuasiveness and eloquence:
- Tact and poise:
- Attractiveness and beauty:
- Physical strength and power:
- Grace and manual dexterity:
- Endurance and general health:
- Autonomy and self-sufficiency:
- Libido:
- Daring and willingness to take risks:
- Improvisation and adaptation:
- Trustworthiness and steadfastness:
- Compassion and empathy:
- Passion and conviction (willingness to act on one's beliefs):

7. Further Characterization:

Sum up your character in a short sentence:

What is your character's general demeanor?

What are your character's skills?

What are your character's strengths?

What are your character's weaknesses?

What are some of your character's unique quirks?

What does your character enjoy?

What does your character avoid or dislike?

What does your character think is worth fighting for?

What does your character fear?

Write a paragraph describing your character at lunchtime on a typical day. What do they look like?
What are they doing? Who are they doing it with?

What is your character's general attitude toward life?

What motivates your character on a day-to-day basis?

What does your character think of politics? What political position do they espouse?

In a unexpected, dangerous physical situation, how is your character likely to react?

How would your character react to an emotional shock, such as the sudden death of a loved one?

What stereotypes do others apply to your character? What ones actually fit?

What had the greatest influence on how your character acts or what they are today?

What is the single most important thing about your character?
My goal here is to make a profile that can be used for any written character, no matter what the genre or setting.

This is somewhat finished, as in that it is perfectly usable as is and I'm going to start using it, so probably no further changes.
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